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Time to set up your database for your new .net core application. Stick to what you know. For most of us coming from a corporate environment we know SQL Server. But it is better to avoid SQL Server for personal projects because the license fees are so high.

Jun 06, 2018
6 minutes

In my earlier post about hosting an ASP.NET core application in docker for production use I fudged a little bit in terms of what it means to production-worthy. Using the dotnet run command starts the web application on the Kestral web server. Kestral is a fine web server for development and maybe production use in an intranet environment but should not be exposed to the internet in a production environment.

May 07, 2018
3 minutes

I’m becoming a fan of Docker. In fact, every new web application I build will be deployed in a docker container. For so many reasons - such as consistency, portability, and resource efficiency (you can read about all those reasons on the internet).

Apr 24, 2018
6 minutes