Back to Personal Scrum

Summer is wonderful but tough for accomplishing things. I haven’t done much or written much since school let out for summer a full month ago. Where have I been? The first week in July I was cutting firewood every spare minute and exhausted at all other times (splitting firewood on that scale is a ton […]

My Big Goal For June 2019

I believe it is good to have one big hard personal improvement effort you are working on at any given time (only one): be it exercise, diet, or another positive habit. That’s what I’ve started doing this spring. Last month was a sleep experiment. My goal for June 2019 is another sleep experiment: I will […]

No More Personal Scrum

It’s official from the endocrinologist. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic. Not much more I can say about that. I’ve been taking an at home vacation for the past week. This allowed lots of time for thinking. While rototilling the garden I listened to @swyx on the Free Code Camp podcast. I was so impressed that […]

Focus Like a Laser

This week I did an inventory of my online profiles. It was surprising to see what I’m communicating about myself on each platform. My blog subtitle is “C# | .Net Core | Docker | Linux”. The about page on my blog I talk about C# on linux. On twitter my profile says #javascript and #aspnetcore. […]

Taking on Projects

Life is funny. I was very sick all winter. I started losing a bit of weight last October then dropping rapidly in December. Each time I looked at the scale 1-2 lbs was gone. I was so tired, sleeping all the time. Christmas break doesn’t exist in my memory. I was drinking over a gallon […]

Bleeding Money

The good news this week is that a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) is covered by my private health insurance to a maximum of $4000/year. This is extremely good news even if it doesn’t cover all of the cost for the year. It sure helps. Other than that it has been a stressful week. First, I’m […]