Hi. I’m Glen, a Software Engineer in British Columbia, Canada.

I started out over 15 years ago maintaining a large ASP web application (pre .net) as a co-op student. That led to a Masters in Computer Science and professional software projects based on C#, python, java, and ruby on rails. Soon I progressed to non-development roles in Product Management and Enterprise Architecture. I found myself swimming in a sea of soul-sucking meetings.

Five years ago I made a life-altering to decision to switch back to hands-on development. BEST. CHOICE. EVER. I’ve loved every minute of it.  The company is fantastic and I signed on to a crack team of .net developers.

While I was out of touch with C# development for a while Microsoft has done a 180 in terms of its approach to open source and openness in general. One of the things I noticed coming back was how different it felt to be part of the .net community. There are a ton of C# devs but the platform no longer gets the same attention. However, the pace of innovation has not slackened. Just look at .net core on linux.

My recent experience is with the latest C# but I have a long history with linux and the command-line. Many C# developers haven’t had that same experience and Microsoft’s new-found love for all things linux is a little scary.

That’s where I come in. I’m passionate about helping .net developers succeed on linux in 2019.