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Summer is wonderful but tough for accomplishing things. I haven’t done much or written much since school let out for summer a full month ago.

Where have I been? The first week in July I was cutting firewood every spare minute and exhausted at all other times (splitting firewood on that scale is a ton of work). I went to a summer camp with one of my kids as a parent leader. Then the following week we did a family camping trip (half-camping for me. The campsite was about 30 minutes from our house. I came to my office during the day then went back to the campsite in the evening). This past week, I dunno. I’m just tired and haven’t done much.

There are several more events planned for the summer: 3 one-night backpacking trips (one with each kid), another hike up Flower Ridge, another family camping trip on the beach, a longer backpacking trip with a friend, dental surgery, … and that’s all just the next 6 or so weeks.

Needless to say I’m going to have to be strategic if I plan on accomplishing anything over the next couple of months. That’s why I’m bringing back accountability in the form of weekly developer journal entries and personal scrum.

What worked well?

1) Writing. This spring I’ve been more open sharing my thoughts and opinions. In particular a couple of articles on code challenges were popular.

2) Transparency and openness. I’ve grown in leaps and bounds here. I know I could share so much more but I prefer to keep some things private. My guideline is that if someone want to harm me, and only had access to information I’ve provided online, my family would not be at risk.

What could be improved?

1) Time management. It’s no surprise that I need to structure my time better. My early mornings have slowed down and stopped over the past week. I’m just tired. I stopped being strict at getting my naps, getting to bed on time so then I’m zonked the next morning.

2) Writing Topics. I’ve been publicly critical of tech companies on hiring practices. But as things are right now I need a job – especially for medical benefits to buy insulin. I like my job and have no plans to change it but things happen. If I was suddenly on the market I would not want HR people looking me up online and rejecting me without even considering my professional software skills.

What will I commit to doing in the next sprint?

1) Strict Everyman 1 sleep pattern. Include what time I got up in my daily learn in public twitter post.

2) 1 hour per day learning. I’ve been following Jessie Weigel’s videos on youtube on building with react native. Include my progress in my daily twitter post.

3) 1 hour per day writing. Include an update in my daily twitter post.

4) Publish a journal blog post on what has been bouncing around my head in terms of article topics. I had planned on including this today but this post is long enough as it is and I can go much deeper on topics.