No More Personal Scrum

It’s official from the endocrinologist. I’m a Type 1 Diabetic. Not much more I can say about that.

I’ve been taking an at home vacation for the past week. This allowed lots of time for thinking.

While rototilling the garden I listened to @swyx on the Free Code Camp podcast. I was so impressed that I went and read his essay, Learn In Public.

It triggered something in me. This guy has few of the advantages I have. No experience or graduate degree in computer science. He just started going through free code camp while he shared everything publicly. And in a few years of hard work he has an awesome job (better than mine)!

Starting today the format of this weekly developer journal entry will be changing. No more scrum sprint retrospective questions.

By and large my goals are not changing a lot from week to week. In a perfect world I am doing the same things every day and every week. Then repeat again. This is a long game and the grind is not that exciting.

What follows is something more akin to a kanban status update.

What did I accomplish this week?

Communicating who I am and what I do. I took at stand on this and decided who I am going to be. This article, almost a manifesto, describes how I’m going to be more transparent about what I’m learning and what I’m working on.

Problem solving. I obsess on these programming problems. I solve one to my satisfaction then I go away and think about it for hours. A while later I return and rewrite the solution again. Sometimes I rewrite it a third time. Ideally, I would spend one 25 minute pomodoro on this per day but it is not my nature to leave something as is that could be improved.

What are my priorities for the coming week?

  1. Write a daily review in my notebook every night during my bedtime routine.
  2. Get out of bed at 06.20 every morning.
  3. Post a new headshot on my site, twitter, github, and linked in.
  4. Build a basic project with blazor and push it to my github account.
  5. Write an article on my blazor experience/learning on Friday morning and send an update to my email list.
  6. Interact on social media after the kids are in bed (twitter,, and reddit). Always leave a comment on every article I read.
  7. Share, share, share.