Focus Like a Laser

This week I did an inventory of my online profiles. It was surprising to see what I’m communicating about myself on each platform.

My blog subtitle is “C# | .Net Core | Docker | Linux”. The about page on my blog I talk about C# on linux. On twitter my profile says #javascript and #aspnetcore. On my profile says I like deploying .net applications on linux. My github account has my responses to practice programming interview questions. LinkedIn, I can’t even remember, probably enterprise healthcare experience from a previous life. The list goes on … Stackoverflow, Reddit, Hackernews, ProductHunt … how do you keep track of all these accounts?

My most successful blog articles are (1) using C# with PostGreSQL(in docker) and (2) setting up a reverse proxy with https(in docker) for hosting .net core applications. Last year started developing this C# Side Hustle idea but not even really sure what that means in my own head; it feels cheesy. I spend a lot of my professional development learning time on javascript/react. In 2019 I’ve mostly written about personal stuff in my developer updates, like getting diabetes. Still dealing with that.

Conclusion. The message that I’m communicating about myself is diluted and fuzzy. It need more focus.

In addition I’d like to start sharing a glimpse into my personal life, like a twitter post on the weekend. This is hard when you’re an introverted, private person. It may start with my backhoe. I bought a big, old backhoe last fall. It is becoming integral to whatever I’m working on every weekend. From cutting firewood to fixing a broken water main. The world is my sandbox.

Welcome. This is my own personal sprint retrospective. I use the scrum questions to reflect on my week and make notes as a developer journal entry. It is one form of working in public.

What worked well?

Mornings. 6.20 helped. The extra 10 minutes to get oriented was great. I didn’t notice to much of a reduction in sleep stats. Although I slept in on the weekend so I had a chance to catch up.

New Blog Template. 2019 for WordPress. The font is much nicer. I like the column width. Still not quite what I’m after but good enough for now.

Leaving Comments. I’m doing it. If I read an article I leave a comment.

What could be improved?

Communicating who I am and what I do. I’m working through this. It takes time.

What will I commit to doing in the next sprint?

Consolidate/Standardize Online Profiles. I need to decide where I am going to exist online then do better at maintaining my presence.
1st tier: (handle glenmccallumcan, small profile pic, large action pic, short bio, long bio):
– LinkedIn
– Twitter
– github
– (I’m considering this one)

2nd tier (same handle. no profile pic or bio.):
– respond to comments only. no posting.
– reddit
– StackOverflow
– Hackernews

Rewrite ‘About Me’. I’m growing from a developer who just wants to share a few things professionally to someone who is taking on projects. the writing on my personal site needs to reflect this.