In Search of a New Normal

The last couple of weeks have been a ride. A day or two after starting insulin my vision went all blurry. Last week was a write off. I went through my day job by increasing all the fonts and straining for hours – accomplishing almost nothing.

At the end of the week I had another appt at the clinic and the nurse suggested I go get magnifying glasses at the dollar store. I did and it’s not perfect but I’ve been much better off since then. It is due to the dramatic change in blood glucose levels. The nurse said it should come back within 8 weeks and indeed it is improving this week.

My sleep pattern is in flux as well. I used to get up 4 or 5 times in the night to pee (a big symptom of diabetes FYI). Now I’m not getting up at all but my patterns have been inconsistent. Some days I wake up at 5.00 and lay there till 6.30 not feeling particularly refreshed. Another day I will sleep till 8.30. I guess my body is finding a new normal.

Somehow this journaling has become more about learning to live with diabetes and less to do with building software and professional development.

Welcome. This is my own personal sprint retrospective. I use the scrum questions to reflect on my week and make notes as a developer journal entry. It is one form of working in public.

What worked well?

Smartphone. I bought an unlocked android phone on amazon. I got it activated and installed a ton of apps without too much difficulty. I’m tracking all my diabetes schtuff on there now. Already it has helped me better manage my condition. I was over at friends for dinner last night and had to make some decisions on the fly. So I looked at what was on the table, plugged in some numbers, and came up with a plateful of things I could enjoy and an accurate amount of insulin I needed to inject.

Theatre. We went to a live musical theatre performance as a family. I did not expect such a release of emotion and stress. It was the first time in over 2 weeks that I have not thought about diabetes constantly during waking hours. I felt so much better afterward. There is a place for the arts in my life.

.Net Core 3 SDK Preview. One morning I fired up an ubuntu desktop environment (from docker) and installed the new preview release of .net core 3. I was checking out the new javascript SPA templates with authentication. The identity server features look nice but I’m still not sure about managing my react client app in visual studio with the backend api.

What could be improved?

Getting out of bed on time. My mornings are slow with checking my blood glucose levels, taking my needle, and getting motivated. Well, honestly I check my blood glucose in bed because it is easier to test with warm hands (circulation for the finger pricking). While I’m doing it I listen to the news then write in my notebook. I need to shuffle some things around so that it doesn’t take me 30 min to get out of bed.

What will I commit to doing in the next sprint?

Adjusted Morning Routine. Get out of bed at 06.30. Check the furnace and the house. Fill up my water bottle. Shower/Shave/Dress. 07.00 Start making breakfast. Check Blood Glucose and inject insulin while breakfast is cooking. 07.30 start personal/professional development time. 09.00 start day job.

Post a Blog Article. I want to share my docker compose file for serving a react client app, .net core backend api, and reverse proxy server each in a separate docker container.