Try a Daily Afternoon Nap

How much of my life is influenced by the weather? A lot.

We’ve had a few sunny days. The snow is melting. For a few minutes each day it is a hint of spring. I feel hope well up inside me.

Recovering from a cold has kept me down a bit. Or maybe I’m just living life at a reasonable pace. After the kids are in bed at 20.00 I’ve spent time reading by the fireplace. It feels so good.

Secretly, I desire to use that time to work on a software project or a blog article. But my eyes are sore from a full day staring at the screen. They need a break.

Welcome. This is my own personal sprint retrospective. I use the scrum questions to reflect on my week and make notes as a developer journal entry. It is one form of working in public.

What worked well?

Exercise. There is still snow on the ground and it is cold. so I didn’t do much farm work outside during exercise time. However, I found an cool resource. It’s simple and free. Nick Janvier, the site owner, has impressive progress pics. The hardest part of working out is doing it. And then keeping doing it. Other than that I don’t think it matters as much what you are doing for exercise unless you’re trying to get professional results. Working out is the hardest goal that I’m building in my life. I’m not taking it fast – moving gradually.

Consistency. I’m still getting up at 0630 and doing my daily practice in the morning before work.

What could be improved?

Code Challenges (aka HackerRank Interview Problems). As these get more difficult they take more time. I’ve spent way too much time on them this week. It was suppose to take 10-20 minutes but I’ve been spending over an hour on one problem some days (including solution evaluation afterwards). I only have 90 minutes total (from 0700 to 0830). It is not sustainable for me to do this every day.

Blog Article. I haven’t written anything substantially technical in months. I have something stirring in my mind. About how I deploy a React app with .NET API using docker. It’s coming. I find the javascript support in visual studio not to my preferences, at least when it is an integrated project javascript/C#. Same thing with jetbrains rider. Anyway, I’ll save it for the article.

What will I commit to doing in the next sprint?

Daily Code Challenges. I would still like to solve one problem per day. I plan to move this activity into my working hours, 0900 before morning meetings. I believe that is fair since it results in sharpening my skills for my employer. Frequently I’ll do something like grab an algorithm book and brush up on sorting while working out a problem. I will solve 5 problems this coming week.

Incidentally, I stole idea from Ali Spittel. She talks about it on the egghead podcast

Daily Afternoon Nap. This is something new I want to try for a week. I read about it in Tim Ferriss’s book, Tools of Titans. There is a bodybuilder in there who takes a nap every afternoon. It got me thinking about how I have some days where I get fatigued during the day. I spend 8 hours in bed every night (22.30 – 06.30) but, according to my fitbit, I only get about 7 hours of sleep sometimes less. I will nap from 14.00 – 14.30. My wife goes to pick up the kids from school at this time so the house is always quiet.

Blog Article. Moving my daily code challenges to 0900 will free up my 0700 time to start working on a new article.