It started last Saturday afternoon with the wind. Terrible, terrifying wind. I have to get some trees topped this summer so that nothing is within range of falling on the house.

On Sunday came the snow storm. The snow kept falling and falling – probably 15″ in total that day. Snow doesn’t really bother me on the farm. The tractor makes short work of it. It is kind of fun the first day but it became a distraction from my morning practice. I used that time getting the cars dug out and the driveway cleared before school (then cancelled).

Two more snow storms came during the course of the week – another 10″ of snow. And I caught a cold mid-week. The hardest part was driving over to clear my parents driveway. They live on a dead-end street that was barely ploughed. No place to put that much snow really. And I had to hand dig them out with a shovel 3 times.

Welcome. This is my own personal sprint retrospective. I use the scrum questions to reflect on my week and make notes as a developer journal entry. It is one form of working in public.

What worked well?

Practicing HackerRank Interview Questions. I’m going to put this in my needs improvement section as well. But I did complete 4 HackerRank problems and post the solutions to my GitHub account. Missed Monday due to snow.

Exercise. I had a goal to go swimming for exercise this week. It didn’t happen. The pool was even closed for a few days due to the snow storms. However, I got a quite a workout shovelling snow several times this week.

I had an epiphone with regards to exercise this week. People go to gyms to simulate hard work (lifting heavy things, getting your heart rate up). I have all the hard work I can handle on the farm. I just need to break it up into 1h – 1.5h chunks so I can do it during the lunch time slot MWF that I’ve allocated for exercise. So that is when I plan to do all my firewood cutting and storm cleanup this spring.

Crush It Audiobook. I listened to Gary V’s entire audiobook while shoveling snow this week. Good time. Good reminders to invest effort in personal branding.

What could be improved?

HackerRank Interview Problems. I did a HackerRank test this week for a job opportunity. There were 3 problems to solve in 1 hour. My solutions are good. I always take a simple, understandable approach. Nothing fancy like squeezing it all into a one line python solution that no one can decipher. The problem is that I’m painfully slow. From reading/understanding the problem to coding it up. I feel like a turtle. Anyway, on the test I didn’t finish the 3rd problem. I submitted a solution but it didn’t pass all the tests. There was a bug. Consequently, no job offer at this time.

What will I commit to doing in the next sprint?

Practice Hackerrank Problems. I will solve one problem per day on HackerRank. Specifically from the 69 Interview Preparation problem set. I will post the solution to Github.

Working in public. I’m going to put my pet project on Github (if I can find an appropriate license).

Excercise. 3 Times this week. MWF. Inside at the pool or a gym only if the weather isn’t good enough to work outside on the farm.

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